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Rock ITP-106 13000 mAh Power Bank – White

Power Bank Warranty Terms and conditions

Product introducation

The batteries in this product are good at 85% of initial capacities even after 800 cycles of use. The shell uses new fire retardant PC + ABS material and in construction we ensure it is stress + drop resistant. The Charging current is DC 5V-1.5-2.1A. The output is a standard USB port with a DC 5V-2.1A max. output.



  1. The switch button
  2. The power indicator light
  3. The micro USB input port (2.1A)
  4. The type-C input port (2.1A)
  5. USB output port (IOS 2.1A)
  6. USB output port (Android 2.1A)


Charge for this product

Charger it with the power adapter of computer USB interface. In order to ensure the rapid and stable, Please choose the power adapter output range of DC 5V-2.1A for this product.

When charging will display the power, each light means 25% electric Quantity, 4 lights are completely bright means full power.

Click the power button, the power bank will be turned on the LED indicator will show how much power it have. The power bank will be turned off with double clicking the power button.

Charging for digital products

Use this product configuration Micro charging cable or usb your original USB Charging cable, connect the USB output port of the power bank and your digital product, after the completion of the connection, power indicator light display power, you can recharge your digital products.

Product specifications



Please don’t use sharp objects scratching its surgace. Please do not throwing, shaking, crush, or trying to dismantle the products;Besure to check the charged products voltage if is compatible with the power bank when use; Please do not put in the water, fire, too high or too low temperature environment; Don’t give children to play, especially the accssories; Please do not remove, modified products, in order to avoid damange the product protection device, which leads to the battery heating, fire or explosion; The product is in use charging or storage, such as abnormal smell, temperature is to high (normal use will generate heat, but should not be hot) color or shape changed, and other abnormal phenomenon should immediately stop using and contact with dealers. When do not use for a long time, please make sure that within 3 months to charger it at lease once; Please do not use chemicals or powerful cleaner to clean it; When your digital products charging is completed, please timely appropriated connections, lest electricity consumption of the product, because the connection line part will consume electricity; Usetrs are not used correctly or incorrectly placed the product of material from consumption lead to the product life shorten, the responsibility of the damange and even produce, do not belong the warranty liability or manufacter, please understanding.

Note:this product provide for the customer from the date of purchase 12 months warranty service, warranty
conditions: need warranty service, please show me the warranty card, and please fill the realted detailed
content; Warranty scope: quality problem in nrma use condition, the external force damange; Durring the maintenance of this product, could not be using the produt the inconvenience caused by the damage, the company does not undertake any responsibility. In priciple belongs to the users don’t have to pay matenance cost during warranty, products beyound the warranty period shall be charge. No warranty scope: man-made damange, such as because of improper use, damage, appearance is not normal wearand tear, hurt, circuit damage, extrusion deformation, foeign body into beaffected with dampl, the easling label of product will be altered or tear, and think of any other visible damange. Other conditions: as a result of the user itself reason (careless use of the decoration, without authorization, improper operation, water, etc.) caused by the damange. Damage is caused due to force majeure, such as earhquake, flood, fire hurricane, or war.