About Intartic

Intartic is a young and vibrant enterprise, setup in early 2015, to provide best-in-class Mobile and IT accessories product manufacturing, brand consultancy, GTM and Sales & Distribution. It has partnered with and is the brand owner of Rock, Rock Space and iHave in India with a dedicated manufacturing and distribution setup. It has grown rapidly with presence in India, Singapore and China, and has a collaboration with leading Shenzen-based accessories companies.

With a team of 50+ members, Intartic specialises as a “Business Accelerator”, bringing products, new technologies, services and investments together to markets with focus on APAC, Greater China and MEA. The sectoral focus is on Consumer Electronics and telecommunications. Intartic has worked for global giants such as Nokia, Samsung, Capgemini and Philips. To know more, visit www.intartic.com.

About Rock, Rock Space

Rock and Rock Space are brands with a global footprint. Rock is the biggest third party accessories brand in China with more than USD 123 million turnover per annum. Started in 2009, the manufacturer of Mobile Accessories and digital peripherals based in Shenzhen, China, has witnessed an exponential growth since inception.

Rock and Rock Space have been present in the Indian market for more than 5 years with a reputation of bringing quality products with monthly new innovation and launches in sync with the fast changing Mobile and IT landscape.

In the last two years the brands have strengthened their presence by creating a distinct India-specific range especially with BIS coming in for power banks and chargers besides their large range of cases, audio, car accessories, and cables etc. They have partnered with Intartic in India – started and managed by a top telecom industry professional setting up sales offices and manufacturing under the “Make in India” initiative. The company is grown by leaps and bounds in the past year riding on its quality, organised professional management and support of its excellent trade partners.

Rock has now got a dedicated portfolio for online sales while Rock Space has for offline sales with presence in top retail chains and stores. The company also has direct partner accreditation with top mobile brands of the world like Samsung, Microsoft and Huawei. The company plans to expand its distribution network through brick-and-mortar stores to be inaugurated in Delhi shortly. To know more, visit www.rockspace.in .


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The Soul of the Brand is originating from life!!!

High quality and reasonable price…

Rock space symbolizing “strong and sensible.” It directly connotes “high quality and reasonable price” as its basic product concept. Rock space is born to shoulder the mission of “defence” due to its high quality with sensible pricing. Like our lives, we are bearing work and social pressure every day but still live a content life. Here ‘Space’ represents its reasonable price but with real value which is sensible. With the rapid spreading of Internet information of public, the concept of “high quality and sensible price” has been proven to be in line with the rapid development of the current era. Rock space’s products, at affordable price and with high quality and uncluttered design, along with the lifestyle advocated, are widely supported by consumers.

Simple style and innovative function…

Advocating simplicity, our company abridges design elements, colors and materials. Each detail is well-thought and products are well-made to realize both its functionality and minimalism. At the same time, at the basis of simplistic style, rock space keeps up with the pace of the times to expand product functionality and improve product value and to meet the diverse needs of the mass consumer. In the future, our company will launch practical products that integrate hardware and software, and more high-tech function with ease to use.

Colour from life !!!

Rock space’s Colours are inspired from life and gives a feeling of familiar and warmth.

Selected by the public…

Since its foundation, rock space always marches ahead. It not only wins reputation in the industry, but also gains a large number of loyal fans. It’s just because of people’s words of mouth or habitual choice, rock space becomes daily necessities.

Rock space history…

In 2009, Zhang Rending, the founder of Rending Technology Co, Ltd, established rock space brand in Shenzhen, the City of Design. In the same year, the first product was offered. During that period, the product was relatively simple on its material, design and Colour and people hold the initial cognition on the needs of cellphone protection cases.
With the emergence of smart phones, people have more acknowledge and requirement for protection cases. In 2010, in accord with the development of the era, rock space widened its product material and appearance. Whether on Colour or appearance, more fashionable elements were added. Minimalist style begins to come into being.

The first generation naked shell is a kind of amazing innovative product in that current market and made rock space known.

In 2011, the design style of rock space has gradually gone mature and its product line became more and more diversified, protection cases were strictly examined by the market. Under the general direction of product style, design space is gradually extended and products became diversified on various aspects of appearance, hand feeling, material, technology, colors, etc..
More and more kinds of protection cases are available on market. Offline sales channels became mature and our company has approximately 100 tier-one and tier-two re-sellers in Chinese market.

In 2012-2013, our company vigorously promotes the development of E-commerce and product sales leaped again. Our company collaborates with the well-known cellphone manufacturers, like Samsung, Nokia, OPPO, VIVO, etc. on some projects, and engaged with ZTE (Nubia), Huawei, Lenovo, BBK and other brands. Our company pays much attention to user experience and brand building when ensuring product diversification.


  1. 2010 favourite accessories brand
  2. 2011 Apple most influential Accessories
  3. 2012 top 20 Apple industry chain
  4. 2012-2013 Top 10 innovative company in consumer electronics industry
  5. Best Quality Award on mobile intelligent protection case design
  6. 2012 Fengyou favourite Apple accessories
  7. 2012 The most influential accessories brand
  8. 2013 Top 10 Jinzhi Prize
  9. 2013 CNMO favourite protection accessories
  10. 2013-2014 leading independent mobile intelligent terminal industry brand

Production and Research & Development !!!

Headquartered in Shenzhen, the office space of our company is approximately 2,000 square meters and the factory warehouse area is about 10,000 square meters. Mainly engaged in peripheral accessories of many international well-known cellphone and tablet brands in first-tier and second-tier markets, product line covers the main models of Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Nokia, LG, MOTO, MEIZU, MIUI, etc. It is one of accessory companies that engage in most of cellphone brands and models. In product development and operations, it can be described as having “unique ability”. It quickly becomes the industry leader through long-term delving into the trend of the industry, consumers’ psychological factors and unique operation rules and so on. Rock space is strict in selecting raw materials and its suppliers are those which have passed rigorous inspects. Most of the selected materials are imported from abroad, and the used raw materials meet international safety testing standards that environmental friendly, comfortable and safe. Cost and quality audit department is set up to emphasis on product quality, and introduce third-party comparison and system testing on raw materials, process, and process moulding to control the production process. Products must undergo rigorous checks before delivery.