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ROCK  ITP 105 10000 Mah Power Bank



Rock ITP 105 – The smart device
  • Brand: ROCK
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion battery
  • Capacity: 10000mAH
  • No of Output Ports: 2 Output
  • Power: 5V/2A
  • Weight : 270g
  • Warranty: 1 YearAvailable
  • Colours: Black, White
Why This Device?

The ITP 105 model offers Micro Input along with Type-C input. This attractive power bank weighs just 270 grams and lasts up to 6.5 hours. ITP 105 is equipped with a new generation lithium battery that takes care of both style and safety. The power bank comes in a textured finish.

Enhance the Life of your Device

Rock ITP-105 10000 mAh Power Bank is your best bet to stay connected in a digitized world. Loaded with power-packed features, it is no less than an intelligent buddy that helps your smart devices last through a busy and long day.

Rock ITP-105 Power Bank is driven by a 10000 mAh lithium-ion batteries. These next generation batteries are not only stylish and safe but is also equipped to charge devices quickly and efficiently. Once fully charged, the power bank is the one-stop shop for all your charging requirement throughout the day.

More than one device to charge?

The dual USB output enables charging of two devices simultaneously. Powered by next generation lithium batteries, the power bank not only offers safety but also quick charging.


Simple yet elegant, Rock ITP-105 is stylish. It is made of environment friendly PC and fireproof ABS that’s heat resistant. The ergonomic design enables the product to fit comfortably in your hands and gives it an anti-slide grip.


The last thing you want is to have your device fried due to a misfiring cell. Rock ITP105 Power Bank comes with in-built overcharge and over power protection that keeps your devices safe and protected from any current or voltage surges. Rock ITP-105 Power Bank is compatible with all leading smart devices.

Important tip on safety & usage

Users are advised to use only authentic charging wires for the power bank. Please avoid over-heating, contact with water, surge during charging/ discharging. Follow these instructions to enhance the longevity and safety of your device.

Please note that the company is not liable in case of damage to the product resulting from breach of safety practices.